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SmokeScreenDesign News -- The Matrix Illusion
August 15, 2009

Many people talk about the "matrix" that we live in. Only a few really know about this true matrix. One of those people is John Harris.

He is just an everyday guy, a carpenter, and he teaches about the illusion that we live in. His talk is about the civil law that is forced on us but we are under the common law and not the civil law (statutes).

He has put together one of the best and most easy to understand teachings on the subject. You need to understand what is really the law and what is being enforced.

His answer is Lawful (&peaceful) Rebellion, not a revolution, its not needed. I agree with him. As Bill Cooper says, we need a restoration and not a revolution. That is what Lawful Rebellion is.

Here is the first video he did (watch both of these).

Here is the 2nd video he did which is an updated version

He is in the UK and almost everything applies to anyone who lives in a country that was ruled by common law and now are being forced to follow statutes.

To learn about how he got started, listen to this interview by Red Ice Creation.

TJ Chambers

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